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Early 2013, Majestix was born due to the collaboration of a young Gijs Lemmens and Michiel Krake. As they are close friends, this was inevitable since they grew up DJing together at the age of fourteen. After playing at almost every graduation or birthday in Enschede, they learned how to make impact on every event. A new DJ duo was born.

Growing up with influences such as Laidback Luke & DJ Chuckie, these guys made it their passion to master the DJ skills just as their examples. Nowadays Majestix plays house, tech, deep and progressive. With an unique sense of style, they carefully select the coolest tunes just for you, isn’t that great?



Our Music

[Influenced by their heroes..]

Influenced by their heroes, Majestix combines deep-, tech- and progressive house into a unique sound, which always results into good vibes among the present crowd. This sound is also reflected by their own productions. In order to get a good understanding of their sound, check out one of the podcasts or one of their original tracks. And remember to stay tuned, because there is a lot of new music to come!